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Water Supply Reliability

For more than two decades, the Water Authority has been diversifying the region’s water supply portfolio to ensure a safe and reliable supply. Supply availability if influenced by factors such as weather and reservoir storage.




Water Authority:

177,140 AF, 62% of Capacity

Member Agencies:

238,221 AF, 33% of Capacity

MWD Dry-Year Storage*:

2,358,000 AF, 24% of Capacity

* Reported July 9, 2019 for calendar year 2019.


Local Rainfall:

12.82 inches, 126% of Average

Forecasted Inflow to Lake Powell:

125% of Average

Northern Sierra Snowpack:

163% of Average

Data are for the current water year (October to September) to date.

Water Distribution and Facilities

The Water Authority is the wholesale water supplier of treated and untreated water for 24 member agencies that serve 3.2 million people throughout the San Diego region. The distribution system is a complex series of pipes and facilities that are operated and maintained to meet the water demands of our customers.

System Operation

Treated Deliveries:

August 2019: 12 AF

August 2018: 18,391 AF

Untreated Deliveries:

August 2019: 0 AF

August 2018: 33,951 AF

Aqueduct Capacity:

Treated: 10.77%

Untreated: 52.05%

Water Quality (WQ) Performance

WQ Regulatory Compliance:

August 2019: 100.00%

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS):

August 2019: 90 ppm

WQ regulatory compliance is for WQ samples at Twin Oaks Valley Water Treatment Plant. TDS is measured for Lake Skinner Effluent.

Operating System Reliability

Facilities Uptime:

Fiscal Year to Date: 100.00%

Telecommunications Uptime:

Fiscal Year to Date: 99.94%

Asset Management:

Pipeline Useful Life: 52 years

Rehabilitated Pipeline: 45 miles

Uptime is measured as the total time a system is running without interruption.

Environmental Stewardship

The Water Authority participates in a variety of environmental programs and projects, including habitat conservation, alternative energy production, and water conservation.

Habitat Conservation

6,609 Acres Preserved

Habitat is preserved through programs related to the Water Authority's habitat conservation plan and QSA permitting requirements.

Energy Budget

Energy Production:

July 2019: 7,163 MWh

5.3% Decrease from July 2018

Energy Use:

July 2019: 8,259 MWh

3.8% Increase from July 2018

Solar panels, hydroelectric power facilities, and energy conservation practices help reduce power use.

Per Capita Water Use

2018: 134 GPCD

20% by 2020 Goal: 167 GPCD

GPCD is gallons per capita per day of potable water use. Per capita use and 2020 goal are based on member agency targets.

Financial Responsibility

The Water Authority meets the highest standards for financial planning and resource management to serve our member agencies and their ratepayers.



July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2019 Budget:

Through June 2019:

Projected Revenue: $1458.9 mil

Actual Revenue: $1299.3 mil

% of Total 2-Yr Budget: 89%

Revenues include water sales and charges, and other fees for the current two-year budget.


July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2019 Budget:

Through June 2019:

Projected Expenditures $1545.8 mil

Actual Expenditures: $1333.5 mil

% of Total 2-Yr Budget: 86%

Expenditures include water purchases and treatment, CIP, O&M, and other costs for the current two-year budget.

Credit Ratings

Standard and Poor's: AAA

Fitch: AA

Moody's: Aa2

Senior Lien Ratings from rating agencies.
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