Climate Action Plan

The Water Authority recognizes the challenges that climate change poses to our region and is committed to proactively addressing the issue. The Climate Action Plan is an interdisciplinary effort intended to promote, facilitate, and coordinate implementation of climate change strategies and related activities within the Water Authority.


The plan focuses on both greenhouse-gas emission reduction and adaptation measures to ensure the Water Authority's water supplies, infrastructure, and services will accommodate the projected impacts of climate change.

As a member of the Climate Registry, the Water Authority followed the Climate Registry’s General Reporting Protocol and the Local Government Operations Protocol tool to develop  the Water Authority’s baseline inventory for calendar year 2009. The Water Authority’s operations generated 5,837 metric tons of greenhouse gas and greenhouse gas equivalents during the 2009 calendar year.  This inventory creates a baseline against which to measure future efforts to reduce emissions.

The Climate Action Plan provides a comprehensive look at Water Authority current practices and operations, and include an analysis of measures that could be implemented to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and prepare for climate-change effects through 2030.