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Audit leads to energy savings, lower costs

An energy audit completed in September identified 31 energy conservation opportunities – known as ECOs – that are being studied further for incorporation into the agency’s long-term energy program. The opportunities include a variety of efficiency measures to reduce the amount of electricity used within the Water Authority system. 

The Water Authority estimates it will save more than $150,000 per year through the adoption of the most recent ECOs. The 2012 audit was funded by the Local Government Partnership Program, another collaboration between the Water Authority and San Diego Gas & Electric.


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Climate action plan takes shape

Staff continued developing the Water Authority’s first Climate Action Plan, a voluntary strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change. That effort involved establishing baseline emissions in 2009 and worked to develop a target for emissions in 2020 to align with state goals.

The Climate Action Plan was being crafted in coordination with the 2013 Regional Water Facilities Optimization and Master Plan Update so that projects in the master plan incorporate energy-efficient designs. In addition, the Water Authority identified additional reduction opportunities warranting further investigation to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in the future.