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Legislative Affairs

Water Authority advances key legislation

The Water Authority’s efforts in Sacramento included promoting water reuse through a bill that would require the Department of Public Health to investigate the feasibility of developing uniform criteria for potable reuse. SB 322 (Hueso, D-San Diego), sponsored by the Water Authority, was introduced in early 2013 to establish statewide standards that could play an important role in advancing the adoption of water purification technology.

In addition, six bills supported by the Water Authority during the 2012 state legislative session were signed into law. They included measures that:

  • Protect California’s water supply system from invasive aquatic species by providing a mechanism to pay for inspecting boats for quagga mussels; 
  • Offer additional protections for public agencies and utilities against metal theft through tighter requirements on the sale of salvaged metal items;
  • Provide increased transparency of local government and greater public accountability through amendments to the Brown Act; and
  • Afford greater protection to the environmental value of certain open-space lands under the San Diego Multiple Habitat Conservation Program.



U.S. Rep. Scott Peters talks with Board member Fern Steiner


U.S. Rep. Peters visits for roundtable with water leaders

Throughout the year, Water Authority Board members and staff briefed legislators and government officials on key water issues in the San Diego region, including the Water Authority’s lawsuits over illegal rates set by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and their negative impacts on local residents and the region’s economy. 

As part of the effort to build strong working relationships with elected officials, the Water Authority hosted U.S. Rep. Scott Peters for a roundtable discussion that allowed water leaders to engage with the newly elected congressman on a variety of topics.