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Community Outreach

Public support increases for water investments

Support for funding seawater desalination and other investments in water supply reliability has grown substantially, according to the latest public opinion poll commissioned by the Water Authority.

The poll, which surveyed 816 adult San Diego County residents in July, showed 62 percent of respondents agreed that increases in water rates were necessary to maintain the reliability of the region’s water supply. The figures represent a shift from the 2011 survey, in which 40 percent of residents said additional rate increases were necessary.

Survey numbers also highlighted other important attitudes:

  • Residents viewed water as a good value compared to other utilities, and 76 percent considered the water supply “very” or “somewhat” reliable.
  • Seawater desalination received strong support, with 82 percent of respondents saying it is important for water supply reliability.
  • Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed indicated they were willing to pay an additional $5 or more per month to add seawater desalination to the region's water supply mix.
The award-winning "Modern Garden/Planting Modern" exhibit at the San Diego County Fair featured a mid-Century modern garden that promoted low maintenance and water savings using regionally appropriate plants.




WaterSmart garden wows county fair judges

More than 1.4 million people visited the San Diego County Fair, and many passed by the Water Authority’s “Modern Garden/Planting Modern” display that was awarded the coveted entrance garden location.

“Modern Garden” means sheared hedges and lawns were replaced by more organic shapes and textures; “Planting Modern” means embracing water conservation and sustainability. Together, the concepts translate to less use of water and fertilizer, resulting in less yard waste and reduced irrigation runoff. Landscape architect Marty Schmidt, owner of Environs Landscape Architecture, created the exhibit for the Water Authority and the San Diego Horticultural Society.

The display won 10 awards, including first place in the environmental theme category.