Administrative Code

The San Diego County Water Authority Administrative Code contains regulations adopted by the Water Authority's board of directors governing Water Authority property, contracts, business, operations and other matters.


Revised 7/23/20

Please contact Frances Thompson at (858) 522-6790 for the existence of more recent amendments if you have questions regarding the Administrative Code.


Chapter 1.00                    Code Adoption

Section 1.00.010   Authority
Section 1.00.020   Citation
Section 1.00.030   Amendments
Section 1.00.040   Ordinances and Resolutions

Chapter 1.04                    Local Conflict of Interest Code

Section 1.04.010   Title
Section 1.04.020   Authority
Section 1.04.030   Purpose
Section 1.04.040   Incorporation of Standard Code by Reference
Section 1.04.050   Filing of Statements of Economic Interests
Section 1.04.060   Public Officers Who Manage Public Investments
Section 1.04.070   Designated employees
Section 1.04.080   Designated positions
Section 1.04.090   Disqualification
Section 1.04.100   Determination of Conflicts of Interest
Section 1.04.110   Application of Other Laws
Section 1.04.120   Appendix
Section 1.04.130   Use or Disclosure of Confidential Information for Pecuniary Gain
Section 1.04.140   Restriction on Contracts with Directors

Chapter 1.08                    Official Designations

Section 1.08.010   Official Seal
Section 1.08.020   Principal Place of Business
Section 1.08.030   Agent for Service of Process
Section 1.08.040   Business Hours and Holidays
Section 1.08.050   Designation of Newspapers for Publication of Official Notices; Electronic Notices

Chapter 1.12                    Administrative Fines

Section 1.12.010   Authority
Section 1.12.020   Administrative Fines for Violation of Regulations Regarding Authority Facilities, Property and Rights-of-Way
Section 1.12.030   Definitions
Section 1.12.040   Issuance of Administrative Citations / Notice of Violation
Section 1.12.050   Service of Administrative Citation
Section 1.12.060   Contents of Administrative Citation
Section 1.12.070   Hearing on Administrative Citation
Section 1.12.080   Appeal Procedures
Section 1.12.090   Enforcement of Administrative Fine
Section 1.12.100   Severability

Chapter 1.16                    Claims

Section 1.16.010   Requirement
Section 1.16.020   Delegation of Authority
Section 1.16.030   False Claims

Chapter 1.20                    Definitions and Interpretation

Section 1.20.010   Definitions
Section 1.20.020   Titles and Headings
Section 1.20.030   Limitation on Liability

Chapter 2.00                    Board of Directors

Section 2.00.010   Officers – designation
Section 2.00.020   Officers – duties
Section 2.00.030   Officers – selection
Section 2.00.040   Officers -- term
Section 2.00.045   Grouping of Directors
Section 2.00.050   Emergency Operations
Section 2.00.060   Standing Committees
Section 2.00.065   Small Contractors Outreach and Opportunities Committee
Section 2.00.066   Audit Committee
Section 2.00.070   Temporary Committees
Section 2.00.080   Meetings
Section 2.00.085   Standing Committee Recommendations
Section 2.00.090   Representative of the County Board of Supervisors
Section 2.00.100   Appointment Authority

Chapter 2.04                    General Manager

Section 2.04.010   Office Established
Section 2.04.020   Appointment
Section 2.04.030   Qualifications
Section 2.04.040   Compensation
Section 2.04.050   Authority and Duties
Section 2.04.060   Assistants and Deputies
Section 2.04.070   Delegation of Authority
Section 2.04.080   Board – Manager Relations
Section 2.04.090   Appointment Authority
Section 2.04.100   Departmental Cooperation

Chapter 2.05                    Official Duties and Directors Compensation and Reimbursement

Section 2.05.010   Compensation
Section 2.05.020   Reimbursement for Expenses of Office
Section 2.05.030   Organizations of which the Authority is a Member
Section 2.05.040   Organization Memberships of Authority Employees

Chapter 2.08                    General Counsel

Section 2.08.010   Office Established
Section 2.08.020   Appointment
Section 2.08.030   Qualifications
Section 2.08.040   Compensation
Section 2.08.050   Authority and Duties
Section 2.08.060   Assistants and Deputies
Section 2.08.070   Employment of Special Counsel
Section 2.08.080   Board – General Counsel Relations
Section 2.08.090   Appointment Authority
Section 2.08.100   Departmental Cooperation
Section 2.08.110   Limitation on Private Practice

Chapter 2.12                    Departments

Section 2.12.010   Departments Established
Section 2.12.020   General Manager Authority
Section 2.12.030   Department Directors
Section 2.12.040   Departmental Functions
Section 2.12.050   Delegated duties
Section 2.12.060   Departmental Cooperation

Chapter 2.16                    Personnel

Section 2.16.010   Personnel System
Section 2.16.020   Scope and Application
Section 2.16.030   Personnel Officer
Section 2.16.040   Personnel Rules, Policies and Procedures
Section 2.16.050   Classification of Positions
Section 2.16.060   Compensation Plan
Section 2.16.070   Reimbursement of Expenses
Section 2.16.080   Fair Employment Practices
Section 2.16.090   Political Activity
Section 2.16.100   Incompatible Activity
Section 2.16.110   Access to Information
Section 2.16.120   Contracts for Service

Chapter 2.20                    Employer – Employee Relations

Section 2.20.010   Purpose and Scope
Section 2.20.020   Definitions
Section 2.20.030   Administration of Employer/Employee Relations
Section 2.20.040   Employee Rights
Section 2.20.050   Authority Rights
Section 2.20.060   Bargaining Units
Section 2.20.070   Rights of Recognized Employee Organizations
Section 2.20.080   Certification of Recognized Employee Organizations
Section 2.20.090   De-certification of Recognized Employee Organizations
Section 2.20.100   Meet and Confer Process
Section 2.20.110   Memoranda of Understanding
Section 2.20.120   Impasse Resolution Process
Section 2.20.130   Rules and Regulations
Section 2.20.140   Construction
Section 2.20.150   Social Employee Association

Chapter 2.24                    Fair Employment and Contracting Policies

Section 2.24.010   Fair Employment and Contracting Policy
Section 2.24.020   Small Contractors Outreach and Opportunities Program

Chapter 4.00                    Real Property

Section 4.00.010   General Authorization
Section 4.00.020   Execution of documents
Section 4.00.030   Requirements for Acquisition
Section 4.00.040   Approval of Appraisals
Section 4.00.050   Purchase Procedures
Section 4.00.060   Supplemental Regulations
Section 4.00.070   Conveyances for Project Implementation

Chapter 4.04                    Goods and Services

Section 4.04.010   General Provisions
Section 4.04.020   Award and Execution of Contracts -- Generally
Section 4.04.030   Award and Execution of Contracts -- Emergencies
Section 4.04.040   Amendments to Contracts
Section 4.04.050   Contract Documents
Section 4.04.060   Exemptions and Exceptions
Section 4.04.070   Open Market Acquisitions
Section 4.04.080   Sheltered Market Program - Goods and Services
Section 4.04.090   Informal Bids
Section 4.04.100   Formal Bids
Section 4.04.110   Withdrawal or Correction of Formal Bid
Section 4.04.120   Inspection of Supplies and Equipment
Section 4.04.130   Use of Brand Name in Specifications; Offers of "Or Equal"; Testing
Section 4.04.140   Sole Source Procurement
Section 4.04.150   Cooperative Procurement
Section 4.04.160   Contracts for Goods and Services with Government Agencies, Nonprofits and Others
Section 4.04.170   Procedures for Professional and Technical Services
Section 4.04.180   Sheltered Market Program – Professional and Technical Services
Section 4.04.190   Procedures for Other Services
Section 4.04.200   Procedures for Bid Protests
Section 4.04.210   Collusion With Bidder
Section 4.04.220   Supplemental Regulations

Chapter 4.08                    Public Works

Section 4.08.010   General Authorization
Section 4.08.020   Procedures
Section 4.08.030   Sheltered Market Program – Public Works Contracts
Section 4.08.040   Authority to Contract
Section 4.08.050   Bid and Contract Requirements
Section 4.08.060   Required Security for Performance and Payment
Section 4.08.070   Project Labor Agreements
Section 4.08.080   General Requirements Contracts
Section 4.08.090   Design-Build Contracts
Section 4.08.100   Supplemental Regulations
Section 4.08.110   Exemptions

Chapter 4.12                    Contractors and Bidders

Section 4.12.010   Prequalification
Section 4.12.020   Debarment

Chapter 5.00                    Water Service

Section 5.00.010   Installation of Service Connections
Section 5.00.020   Metering of Water, Meter Readings, Meter Testing
Section 5.00.030   Failure to Comply with Delivery Requests
Section 5.00.040   Water Allocation
Section 5.00.050   Rate Structure
Section 5.00.010   Installation of Service Connections

Chapter 7.00                    Regulation of Rights of Way and Property

Section 7.00.010   Purpose
Section 7.00.020   General Authorization
Section 7.00.030   Definitions
Section 7.00.040   Prohibited Uses
Section 7.00.050   Uses allowed without a permit – Notice to Authority
Section 7.00.060   Encroachment Permits – Required – Minor Encroachments
Section 7.00.070   Encroachment Permits – Required – Major Encroachments
Section 7.00.080   Encroachment Permits - Mandatory Requirements – Major Encroachments
Section 7.00.090   Encroachment Permits – Process – Major Encroachments
Section 7.00.100   Authority of Director of Engineering
Section 7.00.110   Assignment of Encroachment Permit
Section 7.00.120   Encroachment Permits – Revocation - Penalty for Violation of Terms
Section 7.00.130   Nonexclusive Use of Right of Way
Section 7.00.140   Joint Use Agreements
Section 7.00.150   Pothole License
Section 7.00.160   Guidelines for Parallel Encroachments
Section 7.00.170   Violations and Enforcement
Section 7.00.180   Statement of Enforcement Policy
Section 7.00.190   Leases for Right of Way Management

Chapter 7.04                    Use of Authority Buildings and Equipment

Section 7.04.010   Use of Authority Buildings
Section 7.04.020   Use of Authority Equipment
Section 7.04.030   General Restrictions
Section 7.04.040   Loan of Equipment to Member Agencies
Section 7.04.050   Emergency Use
Section 7.04.060   Supplemental Regulations

Chapter 7.08                    Surplus Property

Section 7.08.010   General Authorization
Section 7.08.020   Conveyance of Surplus Real Property
Section 7.08.030   Appraisals
Section 7.08.040   Acceptance of Offers to Purchase Surplus Real Property
Section 7.08.050   Execution of Documents
Section 7.08.060   Conveyance of Surplus Personal Property
Section 7.08.070   Procedure for Public Sale
Section 7.08.080   Incidental Sale of Low Value or Perishable Items
Section 7.08.090   Property with Historic, Cultural, or Educational Value
Section 7.08.100   Authority Personnel Prohibited from Purchasing
Section 7.08.110   Supplemental Regulations

Chapter 8.00                    Environmental Review

Section 8.00.010   Purpose
Section 8.00.020   State CEQA Guidelines Adopted by Reference
Section 8.00.030   Application of Chapter
Section 8.00.040   Duties of Board and General Manager
Section 8.00.050   Statutory Exemptions
Section 8.00.060   Categorical Exemptions
Section 8.00.070   Projects for which an Person or Entity other than the Authority is the Applicant
Section 8.00.080   Initial Study – Authority Projects
Section 8.00.090   Notice of Intent to Adopt a Proposed Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration
Section 8.00.100   Public Hearings on Proposed Negative Declarations or Mitigated Negative Declarations
Section 8.00.110   Adoption of Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration
Section 8.00.120   Notice of Completion of Draft Environmental Impact Reports – Notice of Availability
Section 8.00.130   Public Hearings on Draft Environmental Impact Reports
Section 8.00.140   Responsible Agency – Activities Subject to Chapter 7.00
Section 8.00.150   Environmental Documents

Chapter 9.00                    Metropolitan Water District

Section 9.00.010   Appointment of Metropolitan Delegates
Section 9.00.020   Attendance at Meetings
Section 9.00.030   Representation of Authority
Section 9.00.040   Term of Office
Section 9.00.050   Delegate Qualifications, and Non-Director Compensation 
Section 9.00.060   Biennial Review
Section 9.00.070   Replacement of Delegates Except Upon Contingent Appointment
Section 9.00.080   Emeritus Delegates

Chapter 9.04                    Colorado River Board

Section 9.04.010   Nomination of Representatives
Section 9.04.020   Attendance at Meetings
Section 9.04.030   Representation of the Authority