When in Drought

Mandatory Water-Use Restrictions Have Been Ordered


A record low snowpack in the Sierra Nevada at the start of April and an executive order by the governor to reduce water use statewide show just how urgent water conservation is for San Diego County and the rest of California. Do your part to “go low.”

There are many ways to save water!


  • Take shorter showers. Even better, use a bucket to capture water while your shower warms up and use that water on your plants. 

  • Promptly fix leaks inside and outside your home. Also remember to wash only full loads of laundry and dishes.

  • Turning off irrigation systems for as long as possible.

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Find Your Local Water Agency Restrictions and Conservation Programs & Incentives

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The "When in Drought" campaign, which is supported by the Water Authority and its 24 member agencies, calls for our region to work together to save water every day in every way.

Each of the Water Authority’s member agencies has enacted mandatory water-saving measures as part of the regional drought response plan. Countywide per capita water use is more than 20 percent below 2007 levels, but more needs to be done to maintain stored water reserves for the months ahead.

Use the links below to learn more about current water supply conditions, what you can do to help save water, and how our region’s water agencies are enhancing the reliability of our water supplies.

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Thank you for your efforts to save water!



Conservation Tips,
Programs, & Rebates


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Partial funding for the When in Drought campaign was provided by a grant from the state Department of Water Resources. 


This drought message is brought to you by the San Diego County Water Authority and the San Diego region's water agencies.
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