Budget in Brief FAQ

The Water Authority is a wholesale water agency that purchases water for 24-member agencies that provide water directly to approximately 97% of the residents of San Diego County.  Revenue received from member agencies for the purchase of water represents approximately 64% of the Water Authority’s two-year budget.

Water Purchases & Treatment $957,526 64%
Debt Service 282,804 19%
CIP Expenditures 136,825 9%
Operating Departments 94,143 6%
Hodges Pumped Storage 4,204 <1%
Equipment Replacement 4,219 <1%
Other Expenditures 19,108 1%
Total $1,498,829 100.0%


The major drivers in creating the budget are the Water Authority’s Board Strategic Plan, the goals of the Water Authority’s Five-Year Business Plan, water supply conditions, current economic conditions, and Water Authority policies (for example, operating fund reserve, debt service coverage, and rate stabilization fund policies).

The General Manager bi-annually prepares and submits to the Board of Directors a two-year budget.  The Board of Directors’ discuss and vote on the recommended budget no later than June 30.