Advancing Efforts to Live WaterSmart This Winter

Making the most of every drop is always important in semi-arid San Diego County even during the wet season. That’s why the San Diego County Water Authority and its 24 member agencies support the Live WaterSmart campaign to help the region continue efficient water use no matter the weather.

Living WaterSmart means that we stay focused on everyday actions that make the best use of our precious water supplies. We do that by washing only full loads of laundry and dishes, looking for and fixing leaks and overspray in irrigation systems, and replacing outdated plumbing fixtures with highly efficient devices.

During the winter months, it’s important to take some additional steps:

  • Turn off your irrigation systems when rainstorms are predicted, and leave them off for at least 48 hours after the rain stops.
  • Get a smart irrigation controller that adjusts to seasonal water needs automatically.
  • Change manual irrigation controllers to fewer days and shorter run times appropriate for shorter, cooler days.
  • Install a rain barrel to retain more water on your landscape.

Reducing stormwater runoff from landscapes is a key part of the San Diego Sustainable Landscapes Program, which includes using climate-appropriate plants, adding mulch, capturing rainfall and installing highly efficient irrigation equipment. Tips and tools are detailed in the free Sustainable Landscapes Program guidebook.

The Water Authority offers plenty of additional resources to help, including free WaterSmart Checkups for homes and businesses that offer customized advice about actions that will yield water savings. Other helpful tools and programs include:

  • Award-winning water-efficient landscaping classes for homeowners
  • An on-demand video version of the classes
  • An online home water-use calculator
  • QWEL – Qualified Water-Efficient Landscaper program to train landscaping professionals
  • A water-waste reporting smartphone app
  • Rebates for highly efficient irrigation equipment, toilets and other devices

Details about all of the water-saving resources are at


Live WaterSmart! – Indoor and outdoor water efficiency tips 
San Diego Sustainable Landscapes Program

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